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The Forums

Forums are online discussion groups and
are a great way to talk to people, find old friends
and generally have a natter.


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The Pioneer Association on Facebook

Facebook is an extremely powerful site to communicate with one another, to post photos and videos etc. The Association is now on facebook, feel free to join...

  Click here to access the Pioneer Association on Facebook

The Pioneer Forums

Anyone can come into and use the forums. There are various categorys and it is very easy to post.

When you post on the forums you will need to be registered with the forum software (free and very simple - just click on signup link at the top of the main forum page from the link below).

  Click here to access the Forums

General Info

Please can you post into the relevant section on the forum. There is no limit to the amount of topics or the amount of replies you can post onto the forums. The only items that are censored on the forums are swearing and spamming. Please read the privacy section regarding the forums for more information. These forums have literally helped to reunite many long lost pioneers !

A quote from a past Editor, Capt L Russell, in referring to the pioneer magazine
"It (the magazine) is a meeting place - on paper - for all Pioneers."

A quote from the current Editor, Norman Brown
"It (the pioneer facebook forum) is a meeting place - on the internet - for all Pioneers."

See you in the forums soon,

P.S. Please leave an entry in the guestbook the first time you enter the forums


Labor Omnia Vincit