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The Contacts Page

If there is anything we can
help you with then please
get in touch.

Please be patient when awaiting a reply as we can be quite busy.

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Royal Pioneer Corps Association

We would love to hear from you. Here are our details...

           Royal Pioneer Corps Association
           Bicester Garrison Support Unit
           St George's Barracks
           OX25 1PP

           Telephone : 07868 757642

           Registered Charity No : 1024036

  Email RPCA Association


Pioneer Corps Unit histories from World War I, World War II and upto 1984 are available on written request. If anyone is doing research on the service of their relatives in the Labour Corps Lieutenant Colonel John Starling may also be able to help you, provided you have a service number and a company number. We offer this research service to family, relatives and fellow historians so no military collectors please.

           Lt Colonel John Starling
           Royal Pioneer Corps Association
           c/o 1 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps
           St David’s Barracks
           Graven Hill
           OX26 6HF

Alternatively you can email your requests to myself and I can pass them onto him.
Please ensure you send me a company / unit number.

Labor Omnia Vincit