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The Downloads Page

This page has various items that you can download.
It also has some essential software that I recommend
for your computer.

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 The Pioneer Regimental March

The Pioneer Regimental March - now updated to a very high quality version. You can right click the download link below, goto save target as and save it onto your drive to play or click the play button below !

1st Edition of the Pioneer Magazine - 1943

The very first edition of The Pioneer Magazine for you to read »   

You will need Adobe Acrobat installed to view this »                     

Royal Pioneer Corps Wallpaper

Your very own wallpaper for your computers background ! To find out what resolution you need to download, goto startmenu, click settings, goto control panels, click display and click on the settings tab. In there it will say what your screen area is.

Download the appropriate wallpaper for your screen area, double click the file and unzip it
into your windows directory (normally c:\windows). Go to display control panel again, click the RPC wallpaper and press ok.

Download RPC wallpaper -    800 x 600    »   

Download RPC wallpaper -   1024 x 768   »   

Download RPC wallpaper -   1152 x 864   »   

Download RPC wallpaper -   1280 x 1024 »   



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