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The News Archive Pages

These pages have the past news of the 23 Pioneer Regiment and its work.
News stories will be kept and archived and will be available to read from here.

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 23 Pioneer Regt RLC - for Help the Heroes, Cyprus

Congratulations go out to the serving soldiers and officers of 23 Pioneer Regiment, RLC for completing their Coast to Coast cycle ride from Paphos in Southern Cyprus up over the Troodos Mountains (a climb of 5,500 feet) then onto Nicosia and out to the Karpas or Pan Handle of Northern Cyprus finishing at Cape Apostolos Andreas.

Currently the Regiment is serving with one Squadron deployed in Afghanistan, a Troop in Iraq and the remainder in Cyprus. The aim is to raise £5,500 for the fantastic organisation Help for Heroes.

"Please dig deep and support our wounded friends and colleagues and forward this appeal onto your friends and colleagues. Your help in this matter is very much appreciated" comments, Capt. Taff Teague.

July 10th 2009

 Show your support !

23 Pioneer Regiment is soon deploying on Operations in three theatres around the globe. The Unit Welfare Office is raising funds in order to boost the Operational Welfare Package. This package consists of funds to support families and soldiers on rear party whilst the majority of the Regiment are away from home on Operational tours.

If you would like to show your support for 23 Pioneer Regiment, you can help by purchasing a special 23 Pioneer wristband, at only £1 each. Please contact the Association.

Mar 28th 2009







 23 Pioneer Fund Raising

Congratulations go out to 23 Pioneer Regiment RLC for their fundraising so far this year. The fundraising aim is to raise as much money as possible during 2008 / 2009 in order to support the excellent work of the Army Benevolent Fund. The target to raise was £23,000 and with a year left to run they have already raised over £22,000 !

Various events have took place - everything from 'The Pioneer Reunion' over the weekend of 5-6th June 2008 which raised a total of £5166.37 to the Regiment walking along the entire 84 miles of Hadrians Wall !

Donating is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to sponsor 23 Pioneer. The Army Benevolent Fund will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

Sept 13th 2008

 23 Pioneer - Op Herrick Video 2 - March - October 2007

Here is an another excellent video with some excellent photography.
A long, hard summer in Afghanistan with the pioneers of 13 Troop, 23 Pioneer Regiment who were attached to the 2 Mercian Battle Group during their tour of Op Herrick 6, Helmand Province from April to October 2007.

Featuring... Cpl McHugh (Mac), LCpl Joseph (Jo), Pte Sherry (Shez),
Pte Flemming (Flem), Pte Tuinasaqalau (Tuina), Pte Sautaka (Tuks), Pte Hall (H), Cpl Beresford (Bez), LCpl Patterson (Paddy), Pte Wagalevu (Baby), Pte Law (Law), Pte Dent (Denty), Pte Uliviti (Uli), Pte Aisea (Ice), Cpl Scott (Scotty), LCpl Rokodrava (Roko), Pte Lewasaru (Lewi), Pte Anderson (Geordie), Pte Qualo (Q), Pte Seruvatu (Scooby), Pte Gorza (G), Lt Gregg McLeod (Boss), Sgt Uren Palmer (U-P), Pte Dougherty (Doc), Pte Richards (Richards), Pte Rokobatitoa (Roko). Pte Alleyne (Tripod), Pte Ratabua (Ratty).
 "The Pioneers were there and we kicked ass..."

Sept 1st 2008

 23 Pioneer - Op Herrick Video 1 - March - October 2007

Here is a great video of 23 Pioneer Regiment Force Protection Group on Op Herrick, in Southern Afghanistan from March to September 2007.

Featuring... Lt Conningham, Sgt Belcher-Marks, Sgt Roberts, Cpl Brentley, Cpl Dacey, Lcpl Brently, Lcpl Greaves, Lcpl Hepburn, Lcpl Kelly (WIA), Lcpl Kenealy, Pte Ford, Pte Garvey, Pte Gordon, Pte Gwin, Pte Joof, Pte Low, Pte Ranatora, Pte Riddell, Pte Robertson, Pte Soan, Pte White, Lcpl Andreis, Lcpl Oglesby, Pte Geering, Pte Goredema, Pte May (WIA), Pte Pomeroy, Pte Sanders, Pte Sharpe, Cpl Brown, Pte Cracknell, Pte Eugene, Pte Holdsworth, Pte Mackenzie, Pte McCartney, Pte Pembleton, Pte Whitehead.

Sept 1st 2008


  Operation Telic - Iraq

UK military operations against Saddam's regime in Iraq
are under the name of Operation Telic. Stories and
photos from the Pioneer Regiment.


March / April 2003


  Operation Veritas

Nineteen countries are providing troops to the International Security
Assistance Force to assist the new Afghan Interim Authority with
the provision of security and stability in Kabul.

April 2002

  Exercise Saif Sareee II

Saif Sareee II
Patrolling in the arid and rugged Omani terrain


April 2002

  Britains Toughest Jobs - BBC

Jeremy Spake is out to find the hardest job in Britain.
Surely the toughest job in Britian is not the RLC !
Jeremy visits 23 Pioneer regiment in Oman.
This was aired on BBC1 Friday 26 April, 19:00 - 19:30 30 mins


April 2002


Exercise Siberian Challenge   - by Major John Starling

Not necessary a 23 Pioneer Story but none the less ex-Pioneers.
Siberian Challenge is the RLC Millennium exercise with the Russians last summer, when they crossed the Chersky Mountains in North-West Siberia. Twenty five soldiers joned by the same number of the Russian
Airborne Rescue Service (ENERCOM).

Two ex-Pioneers are involved: Sergeant Ruben Paul of 518 Squadron and myself. To those in Enercom Sergeant Paul's red beret which was awarded while he served with 5 Brigade gained him credibility. But Russian sergeants are two year conscripts and so they were amazed by his versatility. I told them that driving, cooking, organizing parades, teaching survival skills and climbing were the usual talents I expected of a British SNCO.

Following training in Scotland and Switzerland both teams met at Granton on Spey and Glencoe for the first joint exercise last February. After two weeks at Glencors Depot, Edinburgh, Sergeant Paul had trained the Russian Airborne which included their full colonels to care for their bed spaces that he inspected and to cheer each time he mentioned Pioneers.

September 2001

  Life as a UK Army 'Professional Slaughterman'    - by Macer Hall

Interesting article from the Telegraph about the Regiment and
how they had to deal with foot and mouth disease, in Operation Peninsula.

April 8th 2001

  Soldiers sign up to help with cull    - by Roseena Parveen

Another article about the Pioneers drafted in to
help in the cull of animals with foot and mouth disease.


April 2001


  Shaun paves the way for refugees

Shaun and his section have also been preparing the
campsites for the thousands of refugees who have fled into Macedonia.


April 1999

  Background of the Pioneer Regiment

Background of the 23 Pioneer Regiment :-

• Job Description
• Personal Qualities
• Training
• Conditions of work
• Career Structure
• Follow on trades



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