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Photo Gallery

Pioneers have served literally everywhere !
Here are a few memories...

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  Pioneer Memories

76 Company AMPC Maddingly, Cambridge, July 1940

Pioneers at Tobruk, May 1942

Lieutenant Colonel H Johnson, OBE, MC, TD,
Commander of 54 Group,inspecting Pioneers from Swaziland

Pioneers wading ashore at Sicily, July 1943

On porterage in Italy, October 1943

30 Group, Aldershot, 1944

Pioneers in Burma, WW2

Malaya and Borneo


"The picture on your website (above) is my father when he was posted to 518 coy in Aden it was during this tour while
commanding an RPC search team operating in the docks area he had a very large arms find over 1000 weapons. For this and other things in the Queens silver jubilee birthday list of honours he was awarded the British Empire Medal.
The cargo that he checked was marked water pumps they proved to be German pattern bolt action rifles, complete with bayonets, and 7.65 pistols..."
Jim Gregson



WOs and Sergeants 263 Company, Port Said, Suez Campaign

The Falkland Islands detachment at Port Stanley

Northern Ireland


Gulf, 518 Company


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